From Paula in New York:

“Not only is Anne Gaal an extremely talented artist, but she is an amazing teacher, too!!! Both her written descriptions and video quality are outstanding! Anne explains things step by step, showing just what to do. She makes it all look so easy!”


From Vicki in Oregon:

“Anne is gentle, direct, kind, knowledgeable and uses her own experiences to help us help ourselves. She is definitely a gifted teacher but I don’t think she really understands her own gift yet… Anne is extremely careful with her words and tones. It would be very easy to type just one wrong word or say just one wrong statement to really hurt someone. To me it seems that Anne takes great care and thought in all of her communications.”


From Cindi in Florida:

I visit Gaal Creative to see what Anne’s been up to. I feel uplifted, challenged, and inspired. Anne encourages me to spend more time playing with the supplies I already have — to spend more time creating. I think you will benefit from Anne in many ways. She is not only talented but giving, creatively and personally. She doesn’t promote her ideas or methods as the best, or only way, but Anne does have a gentle, positive style that encourages readers to give art a try. She makes us believe that, yes, we can do it!”


From Marshia in Washington State:

“Anne is among a select few who give meaningful feedback. Not only does she take time to say she likes something, but nearly always says why she likes it or what about it stands out to her. I appreciate Anne’s willingness to encourage others – it’s a generous gift.”


From Paula in Australia:

“I visit Anne’s blog for a number of reasons. I love her style of creativity, no matter what she is working on. The easy to follow tutorials and variety. And most importantly because I enjoy her blog. I always feel inspired or validated as an artist – especially if I’m not feeling very creative. I love the way Anne explains everything in easy to understand terms. I’ve used a background technique Anne shared to make at least two cards and I was so pleasantly surprised with the results and how easy they were to achieve. Anne’s style of writing is inspired. I have found a lot of what Anne has said related well with me and where I am at in life. Anne is such a wonderful caring person and that really shines through on her blog.”


From Anna-Karin in South Africa (two paragraphs):

 “Anne always makes such gorgeous cards and projects. She has a wonderful use of colours and is so great at using happy, bright colours. I can usually recognise one of Anne’s cards directly in a gallery before checking who made it. Anne is also great at anything stamping related and always keen to try out new techniques and with fabulous results. Her cards are well designed and have interesting textures and combinations of patterns. I always feel happy after seeing Anne’s cheerful cards – and even more so after receiving one of her cards or ATCs in my postbox!”

“Anne is lovely and very friendly and I am sure anyone who is considering working with her is going to be very happy. She is always very helpful and always answers e-mails very quickly. I think Anne has a great writing style: clear, friendly, detailed and fun to read. She explains techniques and how she did a project in a great way, always easy to understand and helpful to both beginners and advanced stampers and crafters. Anne also takes great photos of her work. I am so happy to have Anne as a stamping friend and to have gotten to know her. Her art is always inspiring to me and she has a great personality.”


From Vicki in Ohio:

“I visit Gaal Creative because of all the inspirational ideas. Visiting this site, my juices are always flowing to try new ideas. I just feel happy after visiting and I want to jump right in – and say to myself that I can DO this!!! Anne has always answered all my questions without leaving me intimidated. She is always very clear in her responses and very kind. We beginners need someone like her who is patient and who supports our learning experience. Anyone who is interested in mixed media, whether a beginner or otherwise, would love this site.”


From Dawn in New Zealand:

“I am always inspired by the cards and artwork Anne shares. Plus the instructions and tips are always good so I know how she does things. Her resist techniques are always so inspirational. Her detailed instructions help me replicate the technique. She is so kind and thoughtful. Anne’s love of life is always showing through. She always has something interesting on her blog. Just such fun to visit!”


From Mary in South Dakota:

“Anne is informative, creative and inspiring. She shares her passions which keeps me coming back. I feel inspired to try her suggestions. She helps me think of different ways to apply a process – she helps me think outside the box. Most art techniques transfer from one medium to another, so if she posts about color concepts, those concepts help me with my projects like paintings or photo collage. If I contact her, she answers my questions freely. And if she is stumped, she knows where to look for answers – and find them! – which I find particularly helpful. Anne works well with and for others. Her upbeat, encouraging tone keeps me on my path. She will guide a person through, step-by-step if needed. Anne helps you without just telling you the solution. Instead, she guides you, so you can solve it and learn at the same time. If you follow Anne’s blog, you will stay inspired, feel challenged, think outside your comfort zone, and try new ways to apply techniques you already love. Subscribe to her blog today!”


From Chris in North Carolina:

“I have known Anne both professionally and personally for almost 8 years. She is one of the most honest, reliable, hardworking, and creative people that I have had the pleasure of working with in a business atmosphere. She is able to meet deadlines, come up with clever solutions to difficult problems, a great communicator, continuously works to improve her skills and knowledge of her art, keeps current with technology and techniques, is wonderful with people and their needs. I have no problem recommending Anne for any endeavor that she would pursue.”


From Linda in North Carolina:

“A friend took pictures of my daughter and her fiancé. Anne worked for days retouching to remove tiny facial scars or shadows off their faces. The results were breath taking. The pictures were artistic, creative and are one of our families’ most prized treasures. She arranged all the photos in a power point that I will play at my daughter’s wedding. I would recommend Anne to anyone who needs photography work.”