20″ Sodalite and Swarovski Necklace with Hammered Heart

July 3, 2013

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Hello! Today I thought I’d share this navy and white necklace in honor of Independence Day. This beautiful necklace is a fabulous way to dress up jeans for “casual Fridays” at the office. It is 20 inches long and is made with a semi-precious gemstone called sodalite and several designer Swarovski crystals.

Purchase this necklace and matching earrings
(french hook or leverback) in my Etsy store!

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The silver pendant is a textured, hammered heart that is stylized and really catches the light. There is a pleasing contrast between the natural, organic stone and the high tech crystals and the shine of the hammered heart pendant.

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Sodalite ranges in color from dark blue, to grey, green, yellow, or pink, and is often mottled with veins or patches. It is believed to stimulate endurance, will power, and motivation. It also balances and harmonizes the mind and the heart, the rational and intuitive, and the conscious and subconscious. It helps you focus, reach goals, and promotes inner peace.

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Sodalite is also believed to help with learning and communication, gives confidence when speaking, and improves creativity and writing skills. It clears up problems, ends arguments, and is very calming. For these reasons, sodalite is popular with athletes, artists, and writers.

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The necklace has a lobster claw clasp which swivels, so it lays flat, making it more comfortable to wear. Wire protectors help ensure your necklace will last a long time, by protecting the wire from undue wear.


The matching french hook or leverback earrings also feature Swarovski crystals.


Purchase this necklace and matching earrings
(french hook or leverback) in my Etsy store!

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